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Location International
Scope Branding, Design, Development, SEO, Hosting
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The Challenge

We love challenges, more so when it's something we are passionate about. When presented with the opportunity to develop a mobile app for travelers, we eagerly embraced the task!

The goal of the project was to create a mobile app from scratch, including design, development, branding and hosting.

The app is meant to help users keep track of past & future trips, managing different destinations, activities, accommodations, and transportation.

Additionally, the app had to serve as a budget management tool and feature an integration with Google Maps.




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The Trips! app is designed for travelers who need a simple way to organize their travels. Keeping this in mind, we chose a lively green as our main color to reflect the app's adventurous spirit.

To keep things organized, we designed a folder-based system where each trip can contain multiple groups or activities, nested within each other. This scalable structure allows users to easily manage their trips, no matter how complex.

We worked on Figma, continuously discussing and iterating our work with the client. We know that a clear communication is crucial, especially in the design phase.

Once we had a better idea of the feel and look of the app, we designed the logo, embracing the feelings and principles of Trips!


Design system




Once the design system was established and all the requirements were clear, the development began.

To ensure a seamless experience across all platforms, we opted for a web-based approach using Svelte, which we later converted into a mobile app with Capacitor. This strategy expedited the development process and ensured scalability by eliminating concerns about platform discrepancies.

We set up our own custom storage solution to prevent high costs from cloud-based providers. Utilizing Supabase for authentication and database management, we simplified data administration for our team while ensuring cost-effectiveness.


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The Trips! app launch was a success. The client was happy with our work!

It is being used by travelers all over the world, and we're proud of it!

As we remain committed to refining the app, we're excited to continue empowering travelers worldwide on their journeys.

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