Client Way AS
Type Mobile App
Industry Education
Location Trondheim, Norway
Scope Development
The Challenge

Way is a pioneering Norwegian driving school that revolutionizes driver education by using advanced simulators. These simulators, resembling actual cars within enclosed rooms equipped with four projectors, one for each wall, offer an incredibly realistic driving experience.

By simulating specific scenarios rarely encountered in real-world driving, Way ensures that students are thoroughly prepared for various situations they may encounter on the road.

They required a mobile application to manage reservations, process payments, and showcase the evaluations after each driving session.

These evaluations are made automatically with a machine learning algorithm that analyzes a recording of your driving in the simulator. It can point out your errors and tell you how to improve, without human input.


The homepage, showcasing incoming bookings & displaying your skill levels


An overview of your progression for the main skill trees


A screen showing your progression from the last lesson


The development progressed smoothly, with one team focusing on the front-end and another team on the back-end.

To create a seamless experience on both Android and iPhone, we started with a web-based approach using Vue 3. Later, we easily converted it into a mobile app using Capacitor. This choice streamlined development and ensured scalability without worrying about platform differences.

We used SimplyBook.me APIs for the booking system and integrated Stripe for payments. The server and database were hosted on Google Cloud. This smart choice ensured scalability and performance.

To manage build & release of the app across all platforms in a scalable and efficient way, we implemented automated pipelines using Fastlane. This allowed us to easily release new versions of the app with a click of a button.

The app was rigorously tested with three different environments before deploying to production.


The client was happy with our work. With a clear communication and teamwork, issues were quickly resolved, and the project progressed through completion.

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