Branding, Design, Development

Type Desktop & Mobile App
Industry Finance
Location International
Scope Branding, Design, Development, SEO, Hosting
Link wwwallet
The Challenge

We were tasked with creating an innovative and simple to use trading & tracking platform for cryptocurrencies.

The goal of the project was to create a mobile and desktop app to assist users in keeping track of their crypto movements and simulate tradings with real data.

The platform needed to efficiently process and present real-time data from reliable sources, using comprehensive yet intuitive charts.


Our goal with the wwwallet design was to make a simple interface that could improve the experience for a cryptocurrency tracking website. Since dealing with crypto can be complicated, keeping the design simple was really important to make it easy for people to understand and use the website.

The use of various shades of blue as the primary colors not only symbolizes reliability but also creates a visually pleasing and cohesive experience for both new and experienced users in the world of cryptocurrencies. Using Figma, we transformed our ideas and concepts into tangible designs.

We also made a unique logo for the website that shows its main ideas and represents its core values visually.


The design system


Once the design system was established and all the requirements were clear, the development began.

We worked at the same time both on the back-end and the front-end. Collaboration was crucial to deliver results fast. We decided to use MongoDB as our scaling database and rolled an authorization and authentication solution.

After that, we integrated the project with WebSockets to receive real-time data using public Binance APIs.

We spent some time perfecting the look and feel of the charts using ApexCharts. The charts were then made interactive, with additional info displayed on mouse hover or mobile tap.

The back-end was thoroughly tested to make sure all the APIs worked smoothly. We streamlined the release & hosting process with automatic actions, alerting us of any potential errors immediately.


The responsive dashboard


The wallet page


The mobile chart design


The project was a success. The platform is fast & snappy, perfectly fitting for all the client's requirements.

The app is released on Play Store. It is now being used by traders & investors worldwide.

We are proud of this achievement, and we continue to support the project for any future requests.

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